Kelley van Evert

Hi there! I'm Kelley. I code, teach, and doodle. Sometimes I make pictures or drawings, and in the past I've produced some art. Also I studied theoretical computer science and learned many interesting things.

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Some things that fascinate me are, among others: 1 Typography, (or more generally, what can be done with the reduced toolset of drawing black shapes on white backgrounds); 2 Visual arts (and in particular spatial arts, with a special love for Mark Manders' work); 3 Code (a topic that I previously formally studied for its semantic character, but now practice pragmatically).

You will typically find me: writing JS or Rust, crocheting some amigurumi pattern, listening to Avishai Cohen + learning to play jazz bass, reading Michel Faber Damon Galgut, admiring Mark Manders' spatial work, folding or modelling some origami tesselation, or trying to make sense of the political world through e.g. Habermas Foucault.

Here's my (slightly outdated) CV.